• February Update 2016

    February Update 2016

    Hello OTG & welcome to your February Update!

    OTG Needs You!

    This month, OTG is asking for your help.
    We never charge a fee for membership to the guild. Everything is paid for by donations from our awesome members.
    If you can and want to help us out, please stop by our fundraiser forum! ---> OTG Fundraiser Forum

    (Skipping holidays this month for a bit of History.)

    This Day in History:

    3 - Rock singers Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash. (1959)

    6 - The board game Monopoly first went on sale.(1935)

    6 - Astronaut Alan Shepard hits three golf balls on the moon. (1971)

    7 - The Beatles come to the U.S. for the fist time. (1964)

    8 - The Boy Scouts were founded. (1910)

    9 - The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show. (1964)

    9 - An act of Congress is passed authorizing the US Weather Bureau

    10 - Glenn Miller receives the first ever gold record for selling a million copies of a song. And the song....."The Chattanooga Choo Choo"

    10 - France cedes Canada to England, ending the French and Indian War. (1763)

    11 - Robert Fulton patents the steamboat. (1809)

    11 - The Yalta agreement is signed by Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. (1945)

    12 - Women in the Utah Territory win the right to vote. (1870)

    14 - The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occurred. Mobsters, dressed as policemen, gunned down seven members of a rival gang. (1929)

    15 - The Post Office uses adhesive postage stamps for the first time. (1842)

    16 - Nylon is patented. But it won't become popular for a few more decades. (1937)

    16 - NBC TV begins it's first nightly newscast. (1948)

    18 - Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is published.(1885)

    18 - A ninth planet is discovered in the solar system and is named Pluto. The discover is Clyde Tombaugh. (1930)

    19 - A prize is inserted into a Crackerjacks box for the first time (1913)

    20 - John Glenn become the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth.(1962)

    21 - Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S. President to visit China. (1972)

    22 - Frank Woolworth opens the first "Five Cent Store in Utica, N.Y. (1879)

    23 - Walter Wingfield of Pimlico, England, patented the game of lawn tennis. (1874)

    23 - The Tootsie Roll rolls into stores in America. (1896)

    Now it's time for some great information from our chapters in OTG! Enjoy!
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