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    The game officially launched one month ago, and it has been one hell of a ride since we started. What many thought was going to be another flash in the pan in the Asian MMO genre, has now become a game that many have described, “This was exactly what I was looking for.” Even for me, someone that typically hates crafting and can usually be found in top raiding tiers, I have become ranked in the top 30 in two totally different crafting/harvesting skills (fishing and alchemy).

    For those that plan to try the game, it can be very overwhelming at first, due to the sheer enormity of the game, and the overabundance of things to do. Don’t give up hope and toss it aside after a few hours. Give this one a good week or two. As you get acclimated to the game, a whole world will open up before you. More likely than not, you will get sucked in like the rest of us.

    So far, BDO has the largest game staff currently in OTG (And that is even if you combine both WoW chapters into one). The sheer enormity of the game, and what it entails for staff, is astounding. We currently have 19 active staff members (Myself, 2 XO's, and 16 staff spread throughout Hospitality, PvP, and PvE/Events) and 3 game NCO's to help us with the day-to-day activities like contract renewal and guild missions. This has been a monumental undertaking for all of us, as the member population flocked in droves to join us. I just want to give a special "Thank you," to all of the staff members that have made the Chapter what it is right now. You guys are rock stars, and I am happy to have you all on board.

    As I said, this game is an absolute monster, and it is one of the largest game launches that OTG has seen in quite some time. Since the start, we have had over 520 people apply to the chapter, 470 of whom have played the game at one point or another (many on a 7 day free trial). As of today, we are running four guilds within the game, with a combined personnel strength around 370. At peak hours, we account for about one third of the active mumble users, peaking out between 60 and 90 users in Mumble on most nights.

    So far since launch, we have held three types of events. This week, we had our first wheelbarrow race. We had such a large turnout for this event that we had to hold three separate races… The game didn’t have enough Wheelbarrows for us all… Congratulations to Fyve, Tekpriest, Vorien, Medena, Bambi, and WillyP for winning the races. To everyone else: Better luck next time.

    The second event is our Arena fights. The arena is exactly what it sounds like… Welcome to the coliseum. These events are held on Wednesday and Saturday. So come on out, don your armor, and come beat up your guildies.

    The third event that was held was part of a guild contest offered by the development company. They wanted guilds to submit in-game photos where 10 or more guildies showed up at a specific location. Well, as is shown in the picture above, I think we blew that requirement out of the water. Way to go, folks!

    Yes, this game has guild wars that a guild can declare at any time, and everyone over level 45 is fair game at that point. While we don’t get involved with these as much as some of the larger PvP guilds, there was an instance last weekend that led us to our first round of beating on people after one of our people was ganked during a guild quest. After a couple hours of playing stabbity stabbity, our staff met with their staff and discussed some peace terms. All is bright and shiny in the world again.

    Wrap up:
    This game has a bit of everything for everyone. Want to PvP? Done. Want to craft? Check. Want to fish or harvest? Got it. Want to conquer all of the trade routes and bring goods clear across the game world in any way that you see fit? Yep, you can do it. Want to focus on grinding mobs for awesome loot drops? Go for it. Want to hire a labor force that crafts and gathers for you? Check. Want to capture, tame, and breed horses? We’ve got it. Want to breed pets for interesting buffs and benefits? It’s there…….

    See where I am going with this yet? We have it all. So, if you are looking for a large group of OTG’ers to game with and have some laughs, come on down and join the shenanigans!

    See you next month!
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      The lag The lag
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      I love this game so much and haven't even started with the crafting. The combat is second to none. It really got good when I discovered my favorite class. The wizard destroys!
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      BDO- confirming OTG is on ORWEN server, Belanos 02. My character is on Edan.

      Got my answer and will have to make a new character.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Berean View Post
      BDO- confirming OTG is on ORWEN server, Belanos 02. My character is on Edan.

      Got my answer and will have to make a new character.
      Yes, we're on Orwen, B-02. Glad you're sticking with us.
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      love the game coming back asp computer could not take the power of the fun
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