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Thread: what is you isp?

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    what is you isp?

    I'm still out of the game do to isp trouble.... Anyone use anything other than cable I'm to far out to get it. and the dsl is hopelessly broken. Not sure if eq2 will still play on any thing else that will work
    this far out I can try to run of the cell towers but the data plan would cost a ton, and I hear satellite will not run online games. Not even sure if dialup still exists and or will still run eq2.
    Any other idea's greatly appreciated now that I have to consider other options.

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    Re: what is you isp?


    I have had to check other options before as well. Here is my opinion.

    Satellite-The latency is the biggest issue here. Will not work very well for games that we play. It can also be expensive and you are limited in usage, as they will cut you back when you go over your allotted amount.

    Dial Up-This is something to consider. I would try maybe a free service (Juno?) and see how it goes. There are several more out there still, earthlink and net zero are a couple. But see if the free one can handle it and go from there.

    DSL-Are they still working with you on this?

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    Re: what is you isp?

    my DSL will web serf and download but not game..... It is completely unstable! I get discos all the time and I mean pages of them

    I had them do all they were going to do which was give me a new modem/router and "adjust" the settings which did nothing it left me here totally failed...

    so I tried to do around them used a different dns server ,googles, changed all the setting spent a day or two in the and got to here

    which is better than it ever was. my hole neighborhood is having this issue, but sense you can still surf the web frontier is firmly stating that their is no problem.
    so one can assume that whatever my modem is connected to is dropping my connection so fast I can still surf but eq2 goes link dead. I can only log on If I am
    running a large download that keeps my connection maxed but still it only works for a minute or so.

    oh so to sum it up, no they will not work with me any more and they are not sending out any workers anymore....
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    Re: what is you isp?

    We live out in the country and have a local ISP. It's laughable speed for those in the city (6Mbps), but lightening compared to dial up! We actually have one of their towers on our property that services people further out than we are.

    Is there anyone even in your local area/region that might offer this type of service? I'm sure you checked already though.

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    Re: what is you isp?

    just looked up my zip code 49709 which is my hole county! two isp listed frontier DSL and satellite.
    well make it three there is the cell towers if you want to buy data buy the GB but even with the "unlimited plan" you hit the data limit about 20 GBs and they slow you down so much you can't do anything.

    dial up I don't think would be fast enough to group vary well from what I read and no raiding so all but useless.

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