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Been afk a few days. PC acting up/busy

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    Been afk a few days. PC acting up/busy

    It looks like I am having problems with Windows 10. I ran into some problems after having to hard restart my system the other day. My drop down menus were blank unless I moved the cursor around a little over them. And my system started running slow on top of that. And my ram and cpu were not even being bogged down. Funny thing was when I did a restore to when I first put 10 back on my machine it did it again when it upgraded the 10 to the newest version. Ans of course microsoft forums were no use so i recovered my pc again to windows 7. I hope AA runs ok with 7. I guess I will see, so far so good with normal stuff. So all in all i was first like... and then it was like and finally lol

    I think 7 will work fine.
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      it should work fine on 7
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