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Recomendations for better GF days with PvP.

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  • Recomendations for better GF days with PvP.

    It is 14 JUN 2017. And everyone says "GF" (Good Fight) to us, that beats us.
    Yes, its all been GF every time, for them.

    I propose these recommendations to make the "GF":

    1) Have Guild-Level-Grinding nights.
    - Have Guild-Level-Grinding nights every night with the exception of special nights, like Fridays or the Guild-Gear-Grinding-Nights I propose here after.
    - Times (plural) I would recommend are 9:00 PM (EST), 10:00 PM (EST), at a minimum.
    - Guild grind will be to take over an area, like Pirates, Sausans, Crescents, Cadry, or maybe Aakman, Sulfer mines, etc.

    2) Have Guild-Gear-Grinding days.
    - Have it at least 2 hours, once a week.
    - As a guild, we figure out the FASTEST way to gather mats/gear to build fail stacks with, and through mumble, guide members to use alts to build fail stacks.

    3) Do NOT do any Node Wars until, at least HALF of regular PvP'ers are level 61, and 90% of all PvPers are level 60, and everyone has at least mostly TRI gear.

    4) Recruit, recruit, recruit, and speed up the time to getting new people into the guild.

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    @Mods, prolly wanna move this to the private forum section.
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      Mods can't move anything right now. They're working on it though.
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