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Joining the ESO OTG chapter?

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    Joining the ESO OTG chapter?

    The information for joining has (or is currently unavailable as permission groups are not visible in your profile currently) changed due to the forum update. How does one go about joining a chapter now?

    Sorry for the confusion. That system is something that came unglued during the website upgrade we did at the end of last week. Until we can sort it out, I would send a PM to the ESO CL or XO and ask how they want you to proceed. You can find the officer info for ESO here:
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      I hope by the middle of this week things on the forums will be set up and we will be able to handle our guild invites on a timely manner.
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        YAY, and good luck with that. I will be keeping my eyes open for the permissions. Thanks guys.
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