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Any suggestions for a returning player?

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  • Any suggestions for a returning player?

    I'm just returning to the game in anticipation of Stormblood. I left after I finished up the story on Heavensward so it has been a while. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get back up to speed on combat? I play a Dragoon and used to have most of the combos down, at least well enough to do okay in combat, but logging in for the first time to see my 3 rows of combat bars is incredibly daunting. I forgot how complex the combat system was and don't remember how to play my class/job! Help! :green:

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    Re: Any suggestions for a returning player?

    There will be changes to combat when SB releases. All of us will have to relearn aspects of our classes. That said just running good some duty roulette dungeons should do the trick.

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      I agree with Seo, also if you're leery about running 4 man content, just run some guildhests through the duty finder. They're like mini 5 minute easy dungeons. And unlock palace of the dead. Anyone can just smash against the wall for those and beat them as long as you're dodging things. :)

      We've wiped a lot of the guides clean because there's such a big overhaul to everything it will be a bit before I find some guides on reddit.


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        I'm going to second POTD -- it not only will start your dragoon off as if it's level 1 and so you will go through and regain your skills as you would normally get them (in other words they won't throw them all at you at once) but also on the other end of the spectrum, you'll end up fairly quickly level 60 inside POTD and able to experience all of the skills and really get a good feel for if you still like Dragoon. Not saying you wouldn't -- just saying I've found it great for learning a new job and learning if I even like a new job.

        Also since you are returning watch out for the tiny rat people. They're all over the place. Kinda gross.
        Oh they're called Lalafell? my bad.

        If you want someone to kind of walk you through POTD the first time so you can see what it's like --- ask in FC chat (or you can ping me, Elerene) and someone can take you through. I wasn't sure if you've ever experienced POTD before.
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          Thank you all for the suggestions!

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            Originally posted by jadestorm View Post
            Also since you are returning watch out for the tiny rat people. They're all over the place. Kinda gross.
            Oh they're called Elerene? my bad.