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  • Catmander stuff - attention Kasin

    There are new catmander commander tags, catmander minis, and a blue and yellow catmander for your home instance that fight each other, each with their own squad of kittens.

    The tag, blue mini, and hungry blue catmander are in the Alpine Borderland cat room. The yellow mini and hungry yellow catmander are in the red Desert Borderland quaggan room.

    The yellow catmander wants a Can of Spicy Meat Chili, available from the portable provisioner. The blue catmander wants a Gift of Battle.

    The minis each require 100 WvW tickets and the tag 250 Badges of Honor plus 150 or 300g (150 if you already have a commander tag). It has all the colors of the regular tag.
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    Sounds like a perfect fit!!
    Hyoto and the band of misfits.

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      There are also cat-related items in Rata Sum. Head to the Research Waypoint ( [&BLgEAAA=] ) in the lower levels, and check one of the vendors nearby (sorry, can't remember the name).
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        Kasin and cats? oho....I see a saga in progress here
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          Its the Holomancer Netto near that waypoint that Lupi linked who has all the cat stuff.


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