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    Found this site which sells various MMO expansions for cheap.

    An example is the LOTRO Quad Pack for $15.99 - normal price is $39.99.

    Thought I would mention this so folks can check out things they may want.
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    Thanks! Going to purchase that for the alt account.
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      FYI, he's a one man show. He gets his keys from Steam but they can be used directly in the LOTRO store without Steam involvement. He has a limit on how many codes he can get at once so he may need to deliver part of an order at a time. I ordered Friday evening (3 Helms Deep, 3 quad packs) and mid-afternoon Saturday he delivered all 3 Helms Deep and 1 of the quad packs. Two hours later, he was able to get the last 2 quad packs. But the prices are excellent!


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        I got all those, give me Mordor cheap :-)
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