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  • Re: Introductions

    Originally posted by Ogmosis View Post
    Hello All,
    Returning once again to LoTRO to check out all that has changed in my absence. I am sure at some point I will manage to drag a few of the S&S crew back with me, although I think they are holding our for the Mordor expansion.

    Been looking over the forum posts, not much movement in some time in most subs. Is the chapter still alive and doing well?
    *cracks knuckles*

    Looking forward to Mordor and all the coming (and long overdue) improvements to LOTRO!

    We love being in Mumble, so we'll be rekindling some Mumble action in LOTRO when we return. :green:

    Founder of the Sinners and Saints static gaming group. Established 2005.


    • Hey everyone! I applied to OTG and was approved for membership. Ari is a good friend of mine and have know him for about 8 years. I am looking foward to being in an active kinship. My main has the same name as my fourm name, Avieth. I have been playing LOTRO for about 9 years now. I was once in a top raiding group on another server, but after a while of that I needed a slower change of pace. I can't wait to get to group, play, and get to know yall while we take on Mordor! Hope to see yall ingame!


      • Welcome Avieth! Looking forward to meeting you!


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