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The Rark K-133T Speeder

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  • The Rark K-133T Speeder

    This is a fun little speeder that fits in very well if you are playing either an Imperial Agent or especially a Republic Trooper. Colored an Olive drab and tan configuration, it looks good and doesn't have an obnoxious sound as you are tooling along the countryside.

    The K-133T is awarded only once per Legacy, and only if you complete all the side quests on Ziost. However, once it is awarded, you can unlock this little speeder for all your characters. It doesn't appear in the normal places you would expect to get it unlocked.

    1) Type "Y" to get into your Legacy window.
    2) Look on the left side of the Legacy window and scroll down until you see "Location".
    3) Left click on "Ziost".
    4) In the middle of the window under Achievements, left click on "Missions".
    5) Under "Select an achievement" at the bottom you will see a coin icon that says X100. Left click on it.
    6) You will see "Ziost Completist" and under "Rewards" is the Icon for the Rark K-133T Speeder. Just Right click on it and the Rark will be added to your quick bar.

    Phew, got all that? The Rark is available for all your toons on the server but you have to go through these steps to add it.

    All the Best.
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    Re: The Rark K-133T Speeder

    Thank you for letting us know about this! I think I've completed everything on Ziost because I'm ocd but one never knows... that little speeder looks kinda neat.


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      Tildi - thank you - I was not aware that this was in the game and it is, like you said, kind of a neat speeder. I still have toons (oh man do I still have toons! ) that are eligible to run through Ziost if I haven't already completed everything there.

      Good stuff - thanks!


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        rosli and yt-fog, you are most welcome! The Ziost vehicle was always there at the Revan release but trying to get it out for your Legacy was a chore.

        All the Best.
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        " I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. I retired. "


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