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  • Signing up for a raid?

    Since its been a while to join in a raid have to sign up by calendar? I brought back my level 70 mostly geared characters just wondering

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    Once you have been given an invite to the SWTOR chapter in game and given access to our private forums you will need to go to the raid calendar which can be found on you will need to list the character(s) and their role(s) (dps, healer, tank) then sign up for the raids that are listed. The directions are listed in our private forums on how to proceed.
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      if somebody wants to keep an eye out for me if I understood this correctly. I will be on my level 58 shadow knight majorjonshadow . Will be around about 8. now if people have plans or if doing a raid my invite can wait. Feeling somewhat better I should be around.


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        There are a lot of hard mode statics. There are statics Sunday at 8, Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9. Some times they need people at these times for people who do not show up, and will put into guild chat asking for people who are interested.


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          Sorry I gave you guys the wrong character its colonelshadow on line now. if I dont make it on tonight its good


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