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    Did the server get reset post 13 release? I hadn't played in a couple of months but logged in a few days ago and had no stuff and no home. No big deal as I like the beginning of the game best anyway but just curious.

    That being said I find certain things super hard to find. It took me almost 3 hours to find a town of any size (more than 3 houses) and probably close to 5 (including the 3 hours) to then find a water source. In that time plus several more hours I only found 1antibiotic and 1 honey yet it seems super easy to get infected. Probably 3 in 10 melee hits infects. Also pretty hard to find goldenrod.

    On the upside I think the mob AI has gotten pretty good. I was trucking through the woods, which is pretty hard now with the mob density and difficult visibility in the grass, and ran into a group. Fled and ended up boxed into a cavern area (easy to walk into a deep hole). As I tried to back away from an approaching mob I ran into another small pack that had snuck up behind me and bam, that was it. It felt pretty realistic in terms of getting surrounded even though I was working hard not to.

    Re: Reset?

    Waldy World was reset after 13 was released.

    Interesting about your lack of water. I find ponds at the end of POI paths quite often. Goldenrod hasn't been a problem for me, plenty everywhere. Strange.

    I don't like the new cave structures. More like holes in the ground that break your legs while running through the area.

    have fun,

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      Re: Reset?

      Odd. I'm pretty sure I logged in post 13 since I remember being impressed by the new mocap animations.

      In any case the server was off line (or I couldn't find it) for a while so I created a single player game and my seed was not very good. I found so much burned forest I ran straight for almost half an hour and never got out of it. Going to re roll that one lol.


        Re: Reset?

        I haven't played the game since 12 was released but I really enjoyed it. I'll probably go back to it once I get bored of Black Desert Online and then only after I finish Fallout 4.


          Re: Reset?

          Me too. Was just smashing some zombies while waiting for BDO.


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