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Waldy World Update: June 26, 2016

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    Waldy World Update: June 26, 2016

    The Steam Summer Sale has brought a lot of new Survivors to 7 Days to Die.

    Waldy World is still up and running and I see no reason to stop it any time soon.

    Unfortunately for these newer players there are remnants of other players camps and fortresses all over Waldy World. I don't like wiping servers. So the new players will have to work around this.

    When A15 drops, a server wipe will occur. I've found the 7 Days game just runs better when starting fresh on these major Alpha releases.

    have fun,

    Active Servers for OTG Members & Friends

    • ARK:Survival Evolved (Waldy World)
    • 7 Days to Die (Waldy World)
    • Empyrion Galactic Survival (Waldy Centauri)
    • Farm Simulator 2017 (Waldy's Farm)
    • Mumble Server:

    Check This Thread for the latest information on my servers!

    • Farming Simulator 2015 (Waldys Farm)
    • Life is Feudal (Waldys Shire)
    • Hurtworld
    • Minecraft
    • Starbound

    Send me a PM for the password!

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