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Zombies Ate My Dog [ValMod, A15, PVE]

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    Re: Zombies Ate My Dog [ValMod, A15, PVE]

    Hey Effjay,

    Its not a dumb question, I had the same one too when I started down the mod path. Here is Valmar's response in regards to the same question and VALmod:

    There are two ways.

    Your first option is to copy your config folder. This is a folder in the game install directory, within the Data folder. This folder is what has all the modded bits.

    Copy the vanilla config folder and call it Config - Vanilla. Then install the mod. So now the config folder should be modded with the old vanilla config being renamed to Config - Vanilla.

    Now when you want to go back to vanilla just come here and rename the config folder (which at this point is the modded version) to Config - Modded and then rename te Config - Vanilla folder Config.

    Make sense? That way you can just jump back and forth.

    Another option is to go to the install directory then go back to the steamapps - common folder is located. Copy the entire 7 Days to Die folder. Call it 7DTD Modded or whatever. Now you have two copies of 7DTD folder. Make a short cut ot the launcher in the modded folder and put it on your destop or whatever. Now you can launch a modded game or a vanilla game with a click of a button.

    I use both of these methods regularlly.

    Valmod Overhaul is available here

    Easy to install, just copy the Data and Mod folder from the zip file to the root of your 7 Days install and "Yes" to overwrite files in those folders.

    Feel free to contact me if you need anything. Hope to see you in the wasteland :)
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