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    Now that that Nerco has been out for some time what is everyone's opinion on the character? I am personally loving the Necro.. I feel so strong.. maybe even a bit OP. Flesh Golem is my new best friend. I didn't think I would like the character that much since I always stick to the demon hunter but I am glad I tried to Nerco out

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    It's definitely strong but there is a huge gap in set strength so not much build variation. The "meta" build relies heavily on the smite gem which usually means it's performing above expectation since other builds that depended on it had their proc coefficients nerfed. It also depends on unity which makes it less group friendly in higher tier rifts. The class is viable and different but I think it needs to be fleshed out a bit more to be on par with say a demon hunter or witch doctor for fun.

    *edit* Now that the first round of hotfix nerfs/buffs have come around there is a bit more flexibility with builds and as predicted the proc coefficient for the smite gem did happen with the inarius set bonus. So I retract my initial opinion about the lack of build variation, it's there now and hopefully they continue to make changes to support other play styles. I hope it turns into another WD, DH for versatility and really hope they follow suit with the rest of the classes too. I don't see the class as overpowered but initial gear scaling is like the pet doctor, you can jump into t6 with no set bonuses pretty much instantly.
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      I am finding the Necromancer is OP as well, but also very swishy in higher level greater rifts. My opinion is; Blizzards intention was to see how much interest they could generate with this new class. A number of season back when the Crusader was introduced he was so OP as well, until the next update and the nerfing started. Final thoughts: The Necromancer has been fun to play so far and corpse explosion is just a great skill.


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        I'm also of the opinion that the Necromancer is insanely OP in the low-mid level game... for example, with no set bonuses whatsoever (well, except for the Cain's Destiny set, because I'm desperate to up my Magic Find to try and coax the RNG into dropping a damned set piece or two), I'm running GR 30-35 without much of a care in the world - as long as I avoid getting hit.

        I decided to push GR40, and drew the Rakanoth equivalent boss; saying "I got stomped" is an understatement. He one-shot me (ranged or melee, didn't matter). Repeatedly. Until I nearly cried. After repairing my completely broken gear and continuing the zerg because damnit, the game owed me and I wanted the gear drops, I was rewarded with F^*#%ING BLACKTHORNES, and one of the crappiest-rolled, non-ancient Zodiac rings I've ever seen.

        My anger management class starts Thursday.

        Honestly, I feel that if I can get 4pc Rathma assembled for the set's %dmg reduction bonus, the "too squishy" bottleneck will get kicked down the road considerably, even without the 6pc bonus boosting dmg output... but until then, GR 35 is likely where I'll be stuck. It's still a VERY fun class imo, and I have my bag of popcorn and sunglasses ready for after the Honeymoon period ends, for there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when it's nerfed into the ground. I will be appalled if Blizz allows the class to continue using only 3 elements (Fire is conspicuously absent, and will likely be added), and I expect Blizz will gut the raw damage of Bone Spear, Corpse Lance, and Corpse Explosion at a minimum.

        I'd love to be wrong, of course.


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          I upgraded rares at Kanai's Cube, to get starter items for the Inarius, but so far have gotten very little in the way of good drops doing rifts or greater rifts. I know there is a material cost factor in re-rolling, but I have lots in the non-season stash and don't really need them at this point.



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            I hear ya... believe it or not, even in my non-seasonal stash... I am bankrupt on death's breath. o.0


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              Personally loving the OP Necro. I have been trying to get past GR60 (as with all my other failed attempts) and I keep getting one shotted into Steeles anger management class ...Fine then ! I am using the Rathmas and Jesseth sest and will attempt to add on Bone armor to my build and see if I can get past the GR60 ceiling that is such a danger to my sanity . What me worry?
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                I have played all the sets and they are not OP in higher GR. I enjoy the corpse lance build as it is so different from the normal D3 meta. I pushed mid 80 GR with Corpse lance build and Bone armor build. (850 paragon range) The mage builds I do not like as to the constant clicking to keep mages up, but I will try it again after patch. I am going to work on the corpse explosion build and Pestilence build this weekend. I do enjoy it but I can't see playing it over the WD in seasons.


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                  What Torment level are you guys running your GR's at? I'm somewhat new to GR's and haven't played in a long time (returned for the character pack).I'm only at T6/T7 and - GR level 34 , with a few pieces from 2 different sets.

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                    Hello Hruk,
                    The torment level has no effect on the GR, the GR level you set will be the factor. If your doing regular rifts for drops or GR keys, then the torment will be the factor in dps needed. Would be glad you assist you a bit in some runs, just message me when online.
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