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Anyone still playing?

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  • Anyone still playing?

    Decided to start this up again. Just wondering if anyone still plays.
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    Re: Anyone still playing?

    I completed my new, 2nd, PC build last week. Been 2 years since I was last in Defiance and loaded it up. Not sure how long I'll be / might be playing but having a blast driving fast and shooting things in the head or their sack. lol. It sure is smoother on this new system, like duh, and I do not remember day night cycles when I played last. That seems new to me. Been watching a bunch of you tube defiance "how to" videos you could say. What I can't figure out is ... in your inventory ... some of my weapons have a Pistol inside a Diamond (icon), some have a Circle with a briefcase of all things inside said circle (another icon), while some items don't have either. Can't find out what those icons mean.
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      Re: Anyone still playing?

      I have played on and off for about 2 years. The icons you mentioned are probably synergies. Weapons can have a synergy, and some mods (some are lock box items) will have similar synergies. The more similar synergies on a weapon, or equipment, the more of a bonus it gives you. They tend to benefit a particular EGO branch/skills, or a particular weapon/equipment type. Some are seasonal items, so watch for them during holiday events.

      Here is a site that might help with some of your questions....
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        Re: Anyone still playing?

        I just loaded this back up, haven't played since Season 1. Not sure if we have a guild or if anyone is still even playing it. Looking for a new shooter... I logged in and saw quite a few people in chat and running around. Did a few group quests and had no issues finding people.