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7 Year Anniversary

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    7 Year Anniversary

    Yesterday marked Fallen Earth's 7 years of existence. Which is pretty crazy since Gamers First took it over it's been running on auto pilot, and hardly any new content has come out in like 4 years.

    But something about running around the waste land, scrounging around for materials to craft stuff, in one of the best crafting systems I have ever seen has me playing once again.

    But to mark the 7 year milestone Gamers First did discount everything on the market place to 50%, gave everyone a week of Commanders Premium to go along with 3 codes (found here ) to redeem for some free stuff, from your profile page.

    So if your feeling nostalgic or just curious about this free game, stop in and get your free stuff this weekend, as the codes go away on Monday. Who knows you might just get sucked into the wasteland like I did again :)

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    Re: 7 Year Anniversary

    In case anyone was curious, there is a thread going on over at Gamers First trying repeatedly to get an update to FE from the devs. There has been no update or word on the game for some time, and the few folks who are still playing and supporting the game are quite upset about it.

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