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  • Ember?

    I'm new around here (currently affiliated with WildStar), but I just got this email and figured I'd see if anyone else received this or knows anything about this?
    Hi there, fellow Firefall veteran!

    With last Red5 Studios employees fired including our beloved CM FadedPez, Firefall has reached its ultimate end. We were promised a game that would be unique, shooter first, open world, sandbox MMO like never seen before. We could all see ups & downs during its development as management and investors were at each other's throats fighting over direction, but in the end that originally promised game was never delivered.

    The community that once supported Firefall has moved to a new project called Ember. Fusion of community effort and former Red5 & Firefall founders and developers, this game aims to bring back the original vision of Firefall to life and we'd like you to be part of it.
    • Crowdfunded with small step milestones
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • A shooter first, with great movement, guns and abilities. Skill matters. Progression is horizontal, opening up more options, abilities, and gameplay
    • Mining and gathering resources with the aid of huge, autonomous mechs. Resources matter, and finding and gathering them is fun
    • Build and customize your own "omniframe" suit and weapons system. Customize them to your unique needs and the role you want to fulfill
    • Sandbox world. Terraform the planet over time, create pockets of habitable areas and build refineries, defenses, and bases of operation
    • Play a simulated world, with dynamic events. Go anywhere, do anything. Events will unfold around you as you play -- perhaps even war
    Now, from what I can tell, Mark Kern is looking to transition the Firefall crowd to this "new" IP he's trying to create called Ember. Personally, I kind of feel so scarred from the whole drama that transpired with Firefall that I can't imagine going back to this game even if it's redeveloped, let alone actually plunking down money for it all over again.

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    Re: Ember?

    Yeah I got that email this morning as well. I did like Firefall, but right now I have way too many games to play. I don't know if I am going to fund this or not. What would be really nice is if you could have a private server like in Ark. Then I would get it for sure.


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      Re: Ember?

      I don't trust Kern. It seems like he's really struggling to be relevant these days. He was in charge when Firefall made so many twists and turns. Keep a path and stick with it. You may not gain as many initial buyers but at least you won't alienate your core audience.


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        Re: Ember?

        All I need is a t-shirt that says, 'I funded FireFall and all I got was this shirt and a beanie.', to go with the FireFall beanie I have still in the sealed shipping baggy.

        Was a fun game, but like many games I have cried my tears, washed my hands in said tears, and moved on. Not crowd funding a second time. Seen the same craps with WarZ/I:IS/Aftermath/Shattered Skies.... just keep coming back for another hand out in a year. Nope.
        Live Long and Prosper


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          Re: Ember?

          Technically since there's already a game called Ember this 'Ember' has been renamed to Em-8er or Em8-er something like that. I've been watching it since everyone was laid off from Red5, there's an interesting article on Kern's Crixia site about what happened to Firefall but obviously it's only one side to the story. Although I tend to trust Kern's words purely because of the cool things he did for those player run WoW classic server guys.