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FireFall has FALLEN.... but it might get back up

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  • FireFall has FALLEN.... but it might get back up

    So it seems FireFall is no more. All official web links lead to the same place, and tell us that the dream has died. A mobile game is claimed to be in production, and that players will benefit greatly from it. I doubt player will, but the developers are probably more likely to profit from a mobile game cash cow.

    So as mentioned in this sub forum, and in the Game Development sub forum, Red5 and FireFall cofounder Mark Kern is working on a project to reboot FireFall under the name Em-8er. Quick version is they have raised $100k for a fully playable demo via Unreal 4 engine. It is a different IP, but has some similar fast paced action/resource mining concepts. The Dev team is a mix of former Red5 staff, FireFall players, and others that has joined in. Plans are to get a demo made by Fall 2017, and hopefully have a crowdfunding milestone to get the final game made.

    So.... DANNIT.

    I have not funded Em-8er, but plan to see what happens. As for FireFall.... I have some decent memories.... and a shrink wrapped beanie.
    Live Long and Prosper

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    At least you have the beanie!


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      I stare at it from time to time.... and call to it.

      Beanah. Be he he henah. *sounds like the Feeny call from Boy Meets World*

      Yes. I am a dork. =P
      Live Long and Prosper


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        You're in the right place then.


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          Goodbye, FireFall! We had some good times during a couple of your many iterations at least! I'll miss the Chosen invasions of Thump Dump - they were a blast, even if it turned the game into a slideshow on my old computer.

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            Here's to hoping that Ember can take up the Tiki torch!!!


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