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Fortnite - July 25th

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    Fortnite - July 25th

    This one looks promising. While I don't ever expect it to be a featured game, it might be worth a look for General Games.

    It looks like a 3rd person, class based, horde mode game with scavenging, building, and rescue elements.

    It might be worth a look.

    It goes live July 25th, but pre-orders are open now with a 4-day early access period.

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    I pre-ordered it and I'll probably be playing it on that Friday, the 21st. My Epic account name is TheZone if you're up for meeting up online.


      I'm in for the 21st as well... looks fun! we all should definitely group up and learn the ropes together...


        I'd be interested. I played during the beta and it was pretty enjoyable. I'll probably pre-order it.


          Ill probably start on the 21st too.... not sure if the game has guild support... won't be my main but any guild should theoretically be held by GG.

          BTW, no open beta until 2018 and F2P (?)
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            Some free stuff if you act now!


            Game looks fun, checking out the site.
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              We should either get on the OTG Mumble/General Gaming channel or create a Discord server for communication Friday. If we get enough people we can request a New Game channel for Frontline.

              My epic account name is - Strongdad


                Preordered! Epic handle is TechMagick. I'll try to be on Mumble the evening of the 21st... hopefully we can get organized.


                  So, can I expect to see anyone on tonight? I was actually playing a bit last night since I was in the alpha (apparently there was early early access). Didn't get very far. Let me know your Epic username if you want and I'll add you so we can find each other in game.


                    Pre-ordered today (just saw it :-) )
                    game name is Knathdrak
                    Looks interesting!
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                      Hoping to try later tonight but Guild Leader duties are hitting me hard tonight lol.
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                        Also jumped in on this Founder head start due to knowing about this game for years, and seeing some streamers jump into the gameplay.
                        Once I'm out of the tutorials, I'll add any friends from here that request it - name LupusNoctis
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                          Feel free to add me. Game name: Nitesky01
                          Will probably add everyone I see here.

                          OMG, 2nd day of playing, and haven't eaten in like 18 hours. Ain't no diet, like the hooked MMO diet.
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                            I just picked this up and have been having fun so far. Game name is parlonox. I will add those from this thread.

                            Also, there's another thread in the Game Development discussion board with folks that are playing as well.


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