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So tired of the current mmos...

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  • So tired of the current mmos...

    Hey OTGers :)
    I stumbled onto OTG during Vanguard. I actually kinda liked VSOH. Sadly, it was headed down a dead end road that I wasn't aware of when I got in to it. I loved Asheron's Call. That was my first mmo and nothing has ever been able to re-create the magic that I felt in Dereth. I have looked far and wide and spent so much $$$ on games but nothing works for me. I hate BDO. ESO is just eh. WoW...don't even mention it, I could go without the stroke! AoC...nah. Tera, Rift, Archeage, LoTRO, SWTOR...sigh. I am at that point where I think I should just hit the power button on the good ole cpu and put it up on letgo....
    Asheron's Call. Now there was a game I could spend hours on. My wife hated it...I love it (evil grin). Now it seems every game holds your hand and rubs your shoulders when you get frustrated. I remember the days of running around somewhere I shouldn't be alone in AC and dying...sending out that all but frantic call on guild chat for help to recover my bod because I messed up my DIs...sigh.
    This is a depressing time for 'decent' mmos. By decent I am comparing them to AC and VSoH...
    I like to explore. I like to solo. I like to group. I like cake and I want to be able to eat it too. Does anyone, for the love of everything on earth, have any suggestions that can possibly fill my AC shaped mmo hole? (sorry for the drama:) )

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    Part of that first time in experiencing something, you just can't recreate well it seems. Something about the definition of Novelty. For me, I think at least in part it was the mechanic of 4 degrees of freedom(full 6 in some games) and being able to explore in dangerous directions that made the early MMO experiences special.

    Some of us are hoping Ashes of Creation will be the next big MMO, lots of stuff in game Dev to look at. I suggest trying some survival genre games if you have not yet. Watch for free play times, I think SoTA is free right now (play as a ranger test)
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      You don't want hand holding.. you like to solo and to group... you like to explore around...

      you my friend are an EVE player you just don't know it yet ;)


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        I think one of the best "classic" MMOs is EQ2. I'm not currently playing and have no idea what kind of presence OTG has there now (or even what kind of population the game currently has). It just had a good combat system, crafting system, player housing, etc. It's just a good, solid MMO.


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          I too cut my teeth on AC starting in Harvestgain in December 1999 and then moving to Darktide in late January. No other game has come close to the AC experience. The GM run events, the expanse of the world, the difficult often seemingly endless quest lines, etc made for a very amazing initial MMO experience. There's only really one game that reminds me of AC but is PvP only and whose history is both very rocky and troubled...Darkfall. There is a small but persistent OTG presence on the InDev Darkfall New Dawn server and the player base is hopeful for a launch in Q4 2017. Now's a good time to check it out as a new player as the learning curve is quite steep and there are no Lurker Drudges to mow down in the woods just beyond the initial spawn in point. Due to it being a pvp game a launch will be ultra frenetic and competitive, making it quite harsh on new players. As with many things in life, beauty is only skin deep and such is the case with Darkfall in terms of graphic fidelity. Good luck in your search.
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            If you're looking for something more hardcore, maybe you should think about trying some of the survival type games, like ARK.


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              Try Xsyon. It's definitely not a hand-holder. It goes on sale at steam quite a bit.


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                I used to love MMO's but it seems after every new one I play I lose more interest in them.. I much prefer single player games these days. There's going to have to be something completely brand new or exciting to really drag me back... of course I'm still planning on playing Star Citizen, but who knows when that will be released...


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