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    I just wanted to post in case something happens, but this morning/afternoon was a lot of odd stuff going on around the base. I kept drawing zombies even though I was the only one in the area. They always seemed to be coming from the hill and towards the damn ridge. I didn't notice anyone there, but the ones that spawned at the top of the mountain would turn south first, and then train on me to the north. I'd get 2 every 5 minutes and then about every 30 I'd here a ton of gunfire and get a ton spawned.

    What I noticed later was a couple of players in new spawn clothes running around, pretty much in a circle around the base, but usually just out of sight. It was like the Ridgeline to the north, the clinic to the east, the road to the south, and then the reservoir ridge to the west. I'd run off to loot, and then come back and find a ton of zombies on the platform and apron that weren't there when I left. The spawns were like when a second player is near, but I could never find them.

    I was working on the tower (new design, scrapped my previous eyesore) and about to logoff. This player Lowpaan comes by and starts hollering something. Normally I'd engage in conversations, but it looked like he had some kind of weird movement going on where he'd be in one spot then another. I didn't want to do anything like open doors in case he had some hack going. I did a mini loot run of the clinic, office, and camper to the south. I know they've taken a lot of steps forward to prevent hacking, but just wanted to put this here just in case.

    I know it's the weekend, so more people on than normal. Don't think it was out and out zombie train griefing, but that's what it seemed like. The other bases in the area seemed inactive when I was doing my rounds but who knows, could just be me. Seemed like someone was up in the mountain goofing with us. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle, just more of a hindrance in gathering mats than anything. I know a lot of Reddit has issues with the game, so don't know if it's anything to do with that.
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    Thanks for sharing that Vaer. In the Base Tour video, I did encourage people to come by and visit the base. If you're seeing Fresh Spawn players it could be people coming by to check out the base. Yes, some of those could be griefers and agitators. In the past when there were more players on the servers I had to avoid publishing videos that had our base location because on PvP/PvE we'd often get attacked or griefed. It's been a while since I've asked viewers to come by the base, so this could possibly explain the higher than normal traffic around the base. Yes, there are some neighbors or general players on the server that do frequent the area, but some of this newer traffic could be visitors coming by to check out the base build.

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