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    Hello OTG, and thanks for opening your doors to yet another old gamer. I'm 43 and have been gaming since the Atari 800 and 130XE -- with all that cutting edge tech like cassette drives and paddle controllers. I'm a game developer who moved away from my Canadian homeland a decade ago to escape the cold climate. Now I live in Australia, where the houses aren't insulated and during winter I feel colder than I ever did back home. Whoops!

    I joined OTG initially to be part of the Albion Online crew. Getting pretty excited about the launch this week, and looking forward to (hopefully) making meaningful contributions towards the early push for guild resources. There will no doubt be a lot of people dreaming about limestone and sandstone this week...

    Thanks for having me!

    Glad you found us, and welcome!


      Hello Dango,
      Welcome to the OTG forums, Oh Canada "eh".


        Hello and welcome to the OTG family!!

        Australia where they drink beer and wear 1000 SPF sunscreen!!

        I didn't know it got real cold there, only been there during "summer" months and guess Spring.
        Hyoto and the band of misfits.

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          Hello, and welcome aboard!

          Founder of the Sinners and Saints static gaming group. Established 2005.


            Welcome Dango! I had no idea that Australia could be cold. Learn something new every day. Happy gaming.
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              Welcome to OTG Dango.
              That's a great avatar photo. Your dog?
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