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    Joining us in game

    Please note: the game is currently in development. Most everything will be wiped in about 3 months. If this bothers you, join the group and watch the development continue!

    If you want to play now, you have to go to the website

    The game is subscription based: for now, if you buy the game, you play free for the rest of InDev, and for a while after launch depending on the package you choose.

    You can be whatever race you want, tho most of us are elves or humans.

    Once you make a toon, find OTG via: Clans; Browse Clans: OTG and app up. I check for new recruits daily, but please also post that you have applied.

    I will promote any OTG member to Captain, so that you can access the Clan Vault(stand next to a bank and press "G", choose open clan vault".

    Please get into comms, info is in the private area. Ask in Clan Alliance to be set up. Go to the quiet channel if you don't want to talk. Please also join the OTG Discord channel, permanent invite in the private forums. Do come into comms.

    I will make you a bag inside "member's bags" and set you up with some decent gear and some gold. Do your racial quests until you can find one of us to help you.

    Quests give you meditation points which you use for AFK skilling. Skill up lesser magic to 100, then greater magic to 50. Buy your transfers as soon as you can.

    Anything on the top level of the CV is there for clan members to use. It is of course impolite to snoop in other folks' bags within the "Member's Bags" section.

    Always, pm me if you are having trouble, or e-mail me directly at:

    I started playing yesterday, did not see OTG listed in the Clans. Currently I am running around Earran (sp?) east of Sanguine


      Are you playing Darkfall New Dawn? If so, enter Old in the Browse Clans search function and it should come up. Sorry for the confusing original post.

      We are using Discord for comms just now, if you don't have it download it, and let me know what your tag is- I can send you an invite.

      See you soon in game! What is you in-game name?


        Taramil in game. Thanks, I will check again


          Also a point to newbs. I had to drag the Clan window open more to see the additional command options...


            K got you. Can you download Discord? Will put a bag of gear in a bag I will make for you in the Clan Vault


              Thanks for the invite and the gear. I have Discord, but havent' seen any DF channels active


                Will try to invite you


                  my clan and journal windows are empty. I also a little disturbed that I have not seen even one other character in the elf beginner cities ?
                  Joe Cruel - Darkfall UW



                    I put in a request for you to have access. Which game are you playing?


                      im playing DnD when I open the clans window it is blank no search function .... cant app up ... still cant see all the New Dawn Forums to investigate further haven't even tried to setup comms yet till I can get anything working
                      Joe Cruel - Darkfall UW



                        I repeated the request for forum access to you. Open up clans, browse clans, hit the search button, and type in Old Thst should make us pop up.

                        i should be on this eve and will look for you. Do you hsvd Discord? We use it for everything


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