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    Old list of titles

    Hi all:

    We are expecting the title system in the next month or so- as a teaser, here is an old list of some proposed titles- this is NOT an official or final list, just something that Uber threw out a while ago.

    Marksman: better damages to all ranged non magical attacks.
    Rapid fire: faster rate of fire for all ranged non magical attacks.
    Veteran: improved resilience to damage.
    Elite: (requires Veteran active) improved resilience to damage.
    Natural Fighter: improvement to everything melee.
    Genius Warrior: (requires Natural Fighter) improvement to everything melee.
    Magic Affinity: improvement to everything magic.
    Magic Atonement: (requires Magic Affinity) improvement to everything magic.
    Swordsman: (locks magic subskills) double subskills effectiveness for 1h and 2h swords.
    Air Magic Proficiency: (locks melee subskills except daggers) double subskills effectiveness.
    Support Mage: (locks melee subskills w/o daggers) E.g. + 25% heal others/buff others, - 50% attack spells damages.
    Arcane Mage: (locks melee subskills w/o daggers) E.g. + 25% arcane type spells, - 50% all other spells.
    Channeler: channeled spells cost less mana and are more potent.
    Rider: increased damages, maneuverability and reduced stamina drain on mounts

    Master Lumberjack: increase chances of rare wood and multi loot.
    Unrelenting Gatherer: Consumes less stamina when harvesting.
    Efficiently Resourceful: can tap in an extra 25 loot on each node.
    Reagents Affinity: resources and reagents inverted. 2x harvest time.
    Gore Affinity: better skinning loot. 2x harvest time.
    Generally lucky: Slight increase in rare drops in any gathering.
    Battle harvester: Can harvest "wild mines". Nodes equivalent to clan nodes but set up in the wild.

    Master Sword-smith: Increases durability and base damages of swords. May repair swords.
    Master repairer: No limitation on repairs, uses less mats.
    Efficient Craftsman: uses less mats for all crafts.
    Naturally Talented: slight improve at all crafting rolls.
    Chain Worker: crafts modules of all kind for less mats
    Tamer: Unique mounts and Advanced mounts with hp regen.

    Trader: reduces money transfer duration, rent and sale taxes.
    Caravan Leader: May have up to 6 pack mules instead of 1.
    Mercenary: PvE quest rewards increased.
    Treasure Hunter: slightly better overall loot tables mobs/chests.
    Acrobat: better jumps and movement spells, less fall damages
    Survivor: all regens faster, better heals/stats up.
    Sailor: swims for less stamina, may jump out of the water.
    Captain: improves speed and maneuverability of ships.
    Cannoneer: improves damages and fire rate of canons.
    Pilot: improves speed and maneuverability of warhulks.

    combination: can be placed between two titles that should cancel each other. For instance, swordsman and magic affinity.
    hybrid: if placed between two specific titles will merge them into one. For instance, Swordsman and air magic would replace melee abilities with variants that take mana and stamina and have additional effects. (whirlwind being an actual whirlwind, for example)
    There will be more titles for each school and weapon types, and we are open for suggestions on titles you would like to see in the game.

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